Saturday, May 14, 2011

Watch Blue Bloods ‘The Blue Templar’ – Blue Bloods season 1 Episode 22

Watch Blue Bloods ‘The Blue Templar’ – Blue Bloods season 1 Episode 22: watch the finale episode for Blue Bloods series. The title season 1 episode 22 is The Blue Templar.

Episode synopsis - There is a police raid on a group of drug dealers and a police informant is killed. Through their prior inside information, they realize 12 million dollars in cash and drugs are missing and that dirty cops may be involved. At the same time, Jamie tells Frank, Danny and Henry about what he has discovered about the Blue Templar and thinks they are responsible for Joe’s death. Confirming suspicions that Detective Sonny Malevsky is involved in both crimes, Danny, Jackie, Frank and back up follow him and are led to a Blue Templar meeting where the 12 million in cash and heroin is on the premises. Frank addresses the “dirty cops” in the meeting and demands to know who is responsible for Joe’s death. Sonny Malevsky admits it was him and then shoots himself in the head. The rest of the men hand over their badges and guns and are arrested, ending the Blue Templar organization.
So, don’t forget watch Blue Bloods season 1 episode 22 ‘The Blue Templar’ Fridays, 10/9c on CBS.


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